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Pricing for our services include travel time and we do not charge extra to play with your dog, fill it’s water bowl or spray off a patio where piles aren’t coming up well.  You will not have surprise charges with our service, it is a set fee per dog.  However yards exceeding 1/2 acre are an additional $5 per visit as it takes extra time to walk them.  Otherwise, the only additional charge will be a $30 set up and service fee on your first service visit that covers up to 30 minutes of cleaning.  For our regular weekly and twice weekly clients, our rates are displayed by week, however we do bill monthly.  We may be priced higher than others but we feel that you get what you pay for with Pooper Trooper!  We offer excellent customer service, are poop professionals and invest in our people so they are inspired to provide a most thorough cleaning. We stand by our promise of a thorough cleaning and reliable weekly services, if you are not happy with our performance we will take every step to amend the issue.  Our clients satisfaction is of utmost importance. Learn more about the Pooper Trooper difference.

One Dog$25.00 a visit for 1st Dog then $5 for each additional.Billed Monthly, total will vary between 4 & 5 week months.
Two Dogs$30.00 a visitBilled Monthly, total will vary between 4 & 5 week months.
Three Dogs$35.00 a visitBilled Monthly, total will vary between 4 & 5 week months.
Prepay 6 Months of Service $585 not including taxOne Dog at 10% off
Prepay 1 Year of Service $1105 not including taxOne Dog at 15% off
One Time Clean Up$125.00 with 50% DepositCovers up to 1 hour of cleaning



*We charge an additional initial set up and service fee of $30.00 for your first service visit this is for up to 30 minutes of cleaning.  It covers our time in the office getting your account set up and the additional time our Trooper will take learning your yard and picking up additional accrual.  If it has been awhile, and we exceed the 30 minutes, we will have to charge an additional $1.50 per minute after that.

*For yards exceeding 1/2 acre or 21780 sq feet, we charge an additional $5 per visit as it takes extra time to walk such a large area.

*For One Time Cleanings we require a 50% deposit to hold your place as we do these outside of our usual routes and have to arrange for a special trip. If we exceed 1 hour of cleaning time, it will be $1.50 a minute after that.

*Know that we invoice in advance to ensure payment is received within the same month our service is provided.  There will be a late charge of $30.00 assessed on accounts past due by 30 days.  We do offer a few prepay options that include discounts that can be applied to your account at any time.

*We will assign you a service day based on when we are in your area and you will be able to expect our services each week on that day.  However we can not commit to a specific time as our routes are constantly in fluctuation with client activity and traffic conditions.

*It is our responsibility to provide a safe working environment for our Troopers.  Thus we need to ensure that they have safe walkways to service areas and for yards to be cleared of anything that could be dangerous, such as construction materials, in order for them to service your yard.  Therefore, we need you to partner with us on areas of safety concern and understand that until the area is safe, we will not be able to provide service.

*We are committed to providing a year round routine service however in the event of extreme weather and smoke that prevents us from a service visit, if we are unable to make the visit up on another day of the week then we will collect the accrued waste upon your next scheduled service visit.  If you pick up the waste in our absence then we will provide credit, if not please keep in mind that there will be twice as much for us the next time of which we have to account for.

*Should we have to shut down and quarantine due to Covid, we will make every effort to make up within the same week.  If we are unable to make up your service visit in that week, similar to our policy regarding extreme weather and smoke, should you pick up the waste in our absence we will provide credit.  If not, we ask you to please keep in mind our people are paid in these situations and we have the cost of operations regardless. In addition, we will be picking up 2 weeks of waste upon our return of which we have to account for.

*If we make the trip to your location and are unable to service your yard due to situations outside of our control such as a locked gate, or aggressive dog in yard, you will be charged for that visit as we have to consider the travel time taken and the added waste that will be there upon our return.

*If there is a time that you do not need our services for a week as the dogs are not going to be in the yard, just contact us ahead of time and we will take you off of the route for the time needed and will provide credit for the service visits not attended.

*Leaves, Long Grass and Yard Debris can hinder our results as the poop can be camouflaged or covered thus causing us to possibly miss some.  Thus in yards where we suffer these challenges, we can not guarantee the thorough cleaning we want to provide.

*We look forward to building long-lasting relationships with each of our clients however we also reserve the right to stop service or refuse service if the conditions of the job become intolerable or put our staff in any jeopardy.

SPEAK! Good Dog!!

We are delighted with your services. We can count on you to come weekly, search hither and yon to pick up what Coco leaves for you, and leave our spaces clean and tidy. Thank you for being dependable, and understanding if we have to make any modifications, which is rare. The past few years have been a joy for me, given that I don’t have to do the dirty work, as it were.

Lillian of Seattle, WA

Client Since 2013

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