We believe our people are the foundation to the excellent service we provide.  Being that we are a small business, our Troopers become family and we are very selective in who we choose to join our team.  They must be animal lovers first and foremost!  We back ground check every employee by way of WASP and they must have clean driving records.  Each one is trained in tandem for a minimum of 4 weeks before they go out on their own.  We invest in our people so that in turn, they invest their time and effort into our clients!  We are fortunate to continue to have so many amazing and hard workers on our Pooper Trooper Team!

Nicki Walters

Queen of Crap

Bill Walters

Chief Excrement Officer


Grand Poo-Bah


Fecal Fairy


Poop Princess


Duchess of Doo


Turd Terminator


Poop Procurer

SPEAK! Good Dog!!

Excellent service and value.  We love the service and Bryan loves his Pooper Trooper visits!  He gets a treat and some great attention.  He can’t wait to get outside when she arrives.

Jenny of Bellevue, WA

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