A Founders Tail

Pooper Trooper was actually created by Bill Walters in 1989 while he was in college and needed some extra income.  It was an idea that many scoffed at but he was able to build a small customer base even back then.  He went on to follow his career dreams of being a sound engineer and tour manager in the music industry but after a long run, he decided to retire from that industry and came back to build Pooper Trooper to what it is today!  In 2003 with a little used green Ford Ranger, a rake and bucket, Bill began his quest.  With the help of his wife, Nicki, he slowly built up his clientele to the point that she quit her buying job at Macy’s to join Pooper Trooper full time.  Together over the years they have spent countless hours talking about poop, planning, creating tools, investigating technology and systems, building websites, working events, networking and of course picking up the poop!  Their mission has been to provide the best customer service while giving back to their community by way of donating to local animal welfare organizations.  They take a lot of pride in the success of Pooper Trooper in that they are able to provide jobs, reduce dog waste pollution, be an asset to the community and a support to local animals.  Their excellent customer service, innovative tools and reliability have allowed Pooper Trooper to become a leader in the Dog Waste Management Industry!

Remembering Bill

Unfortunately we lost our founder, Bill Walters far too soon to cancer in July of 2016. Bill had a gentle spirit, great sense of humor, adored animals, had a passion for Seattle sports and a deep love of music. Born in Seattle and growing up in Bothell, he was a true Washingtonian of which he was very proud of. His drive, commitment to excellent customer service and love of animals brought Pooper Trooper where it is today. He loved the attention he would get from wearing his Pooper Trooper uniform and driving the truck around and boy could he talk a lot of poop! Often clients would comment on how they loved to listen to him talk sweetly to their dogs as he serviced their yards. He made strong bonds with the dogs and there were a few in which the clients had to make sure they were there to let them out for Bill’s visit, otherwise their dogs would go crazy! It was very important to him to be able to give back to the community by way of donating to and volunteering for Animal Welfare Organizations and to be able to create jobs. He inspired the Troopers each morning with laughter and a morning clap as a joke. He always joined in to prepare the trucks and do what needed to get done. He wanted Pooper Trooper to be the leader of innovation in the Dog Waste Industry and strove to create programs, tools and processes to better the service we provide today. He was an involved Owner of Pooper Trooper, or as he liked to call himself, The Chief Excrement Officer!  He is sorely missed but he drives us as we honor his dreams by making Pooper Trooper his legacy.

SPEAK! Good Dog!!

We are delighted with your services. We can count on you to come weekly, search hither and yon to pick up what Coco leaves for you, and leave our spaces clean and tidy. Thank you for being dependable, and understanding if we have to make any modifications, which is rare. The past few years have been a joy for me, given that I don’t have to do the dirty work, as it were.

Lillian of Seattle, WA

Client Since 2013

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