Turning Brown Green!

As we grew Pooper Trooper, and in doing research about dog waste, we realized that there is a huge environmental benefit to the simple act of picking up.  Not only is dog waste unsightly and smelly, it is also unhealthy.  A single gram of dog waste can harbor up to 23 million fecal coliform bacteria and the reality is that dog waste is one of the top contributors to waste water pollution in the Northwest.  Reason being is that only 40% of dog owners pick up after their dogs, of which in Puget Sound alone, an estimated 1.1 million dogs can produce over 400,000 lbs of waste per day.  What’s staggering is that this means 44 million tons of waste is left on the ground each year to filter into our local streams and water ways!

Thus it has become a mission of ours to educate the public on these statistics in hopes of encouraging people to pick up.  The message being, pick it up, double bag it and put it in the trash!  This keeps it from leaking into any major water source, contaminating our waterways, and affecting the health of our most beautiful resource, The Puget Sound.

Pooper Trooper was actually honored as one of Washington’s Top 50 Green Companies by Seattle Business Magazine because of our commitment maintain green practices within our operations in addition to the very act of picking up.  We use route management programs of which ensure we minimize our drive time, reducing damage to our infrastructure and lower our use of fuel.  In addition to recycling all that we can, Pooper Trooper runs as paper free as possible with email and online invoicing as well as email and online service quotes, that and we operate with online financials and client information thus keeping the information safe and secure.

SPEAK! Good Dog!!

We are so happy to have been using Pooper Trooper’s service for over a decade now.  It’s made my life so much easier by eliminating that one ‘not so pleasant’ aspect of dog ownership.  Thanks for everything!

Peggy of Mill Creek, WA

Client Since 2005

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