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We are committed to both our environment and our community so we also offer an Adopt a Park Program.  Pooper Trooper will work with your Parks Department and come up with a plan that best helps parks and trail systems.  We will donate stations, bags and our services to help keep public area picked up and our streams clean.  The Northwest offers so many beautiful dog friendly areas, we want to be sure that we “doo” our part in giving owners the tools to pick up while enjoying them.  If you know a park that could use our help, let us know!


Pooper Trooper was created with a mission to give back to our local animal community by way of donating, volunteering and fund raising for animal welfare organizations.  We are passionate about animals and find that we run into many situations on our routes where we have had to enlist the help of our local animal agencies so we feel it is very important that we give back to them for their support of our animals. Whether it is a loose dog, a bird has fallen out of a tree or we find an injured animal, we at Pooper Trooper feel that we have a responsibility to help animals in addition to what we “doo” and all employees are encouraged to step in if there is an animal in peril.

The following Animal Rehabilitation and Rescue Organizations are especially special to us because of their extraordinary commitment to animals….

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We are so happy to have been using Pooper Trooper’s service for over a decade now.  It’s made my life so much easier by eliminating that one ‘not so pleasant’ aspect of dog ownership.  Thanks for everything!

Peggy of Mill Creek, WA

Client Since 2005

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