We are committed to providing each of our clients with a thorough cleaning however there are some obstacles that can impede our results.  As much as we wish they existed, we do not have a poop detector! So being able to find poop within very long grass or piled leaves is a challenge.  Snow can also be a challenge.  We will do our best to rake through and move about in order to find waste, but we can not provide as thorough a cleaning as we would like under those circumstances.

Frequently Asked Questions

We do not offer every other week service. Being a Green Company we are committed to providing regular weekly service. Reason being is that dog waste is a top contributor to our waste water pollution and picking up the poop often will help to minimize the problem.

We charge $25 for one dog and $5 for each additional dog per weekly service visit. We charge $125 for a one time clean up, if we exceed 1 hour, we charge $1.50 for each additional minute. We do charge an initial set up and service fee of $30 on your first service visit that covers up to 30 minutes of cleaning. If we exceed 30 minutes, we charge $1.50 for each additional minute. Pricing for properties are determined upon review.

We do offer discounts on prepay accounts. Residential clients can save 10% by paying for 6 months of service or 15% by paying for 1 year of service. Each come with a service term agreement and are not refundable.

You do not. We charge by week, however invoice monthly. Although if you do partake in one of our prepay options, you are committing to either 6 months or 1 year of service with a service agreement.

Per Washington State Department of Ecology, we double bag the waste and throw it away in your garbage can. We do take it a step further by treating the waste before disposing of it. The most important thing with dog waste is that it is up off of the ground and away from any major water source. Also know that dog waste contributes to less than 2% of what goes into land fills each year. Lastly, they now utilize the gases emitted from the trash by turning it into a gas similar to propane.

If you are unable to leave your garbage can out, we will provide you with a complementary tin with a liner in which we can place the neatly bagged waste that you can transfer to your can on garbage day. We have also been given garage codes for some of our clients in order to access their can. We will do whatever works best for you.

We love meeting and getting to say hello to the dogs we pick up after, it is one of the perks of our job! However there are some dogs who decide that our coming in their yard is not okay and may have to ask you to make arrangements during our visits. Keep in mind that we are entering your yard without your being there, we smell like other dogs, have scary long handled equipment and wear hoods in the rainy season, all of which can truly frighten a dog. We want our visits to be as pleasant as possible for your dog so will work with you to overcome any initial fear if possible.

No you do not, most of our clients are at work when we arrive. Your Trooper will have all information needed to respectfully service your yard. If ever a problem arises, we will be sure to notify you.

You will be assigned to a route where you will have the same Trooper each week unless otherwise notified. There are times when one of us has to stand in for a Trooper on a sick day, personal emergency, holiday or snow schedule change. Know that we will always notify you of any changes to your service day or Trooper.

We are committed to providing a year round routine service however if extreme weather prevents us from a service visit and we are not able to make it up on another day that week, then we will collect the accrued waste on your next service visit. If you pick up the waste before we arrive, we will provide a credit. Otherwise keep in mind that there will be twice as much for us the next time of which we have to account for.

SPEAK! Good Dog!!

We’ve been Pooper Trooper customers for 6 years and couldn’t be happier with your service. We appreciate your thorough, professional service, as well as the genuine affection you always show our dogs. They’re always so delighted when “poop girl” arrives!

Jason of Bellevue, WA

Client Since 2012

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