Looking at starting a new career in the dog poop industry? We just launched POOP UNIVERSITY!

Pooper Trooper is a proud recipient of Seattle Business Magazine's Top 50 Green Companies in Washington!

Pooper Trooper in the Herald Business Journal. Keeping Waste out of Waterways

Pooper Trooper LLC Offers:
*Once a week service
*Twice a week service (In certain locations)
*One time clean ups
*Pet waste station management

Mission Statement:
To be your solution to dog waste pollution by providing an affordable and reliable service in addition to offering helpful pet waste stations and products that promote others to pick up after their pets. As well as continue to educate the public on the hazards of dog waste to people, animals and our environment if not picked up regularly and disposed of properly. Pooper Trooper is here to relieve you from your least liked chore and ensure your yard is a clean and healthy environment for all to enjoy. We also believe that every animal deserves a chance therefore we donate over 5% of our profits to animal welfare agencies. Finally your dog's doo can do some good!

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Reasons why Pooper Trooper LLC can be beneficial to you.

A single gram of dog waste can contain 23 million fecal coli form bacteria and can include parasites, viruses and diseases found in dog feces. One of the most devastating is Roundworm, which can cause blindness to children and can be transmitted to adults as well. Roundworm only take a few weeks to develop and can live for months, even years on your property. Our regular service appointments can ensure protection against the contamination and transmission of disease to people. For this reason, many women with young children and women who are pregnant have often hired Pooper Trooper. to handle their dog waste needs.

Dogs step in it, smell it, some roll in it and there are those who often eat it. Many of them pick up serious diseases from it. The most common are:  Parvo Virus  Whipworms  Hookworms  Roundworms  Giardia  Coccidia. The best way to prevent these, and many other bacterial and parasitic infections that dogs can acquire from stools, is to remove feces on a regular basis and keep your dog current on vaccinations, fecal exams and de-worming.

Our Environment:
Bacterial source tracking studies in a watershed in the Seattle, Washington area found that nearly 20% of the bacteria isolates that could be matched with host animals were matched with dogs. This bacteria can pose health risks to humans and other animals and can result in the spread of disease. Pet waste is one of the leading causes of bacterial contamination in our local streams and waterways. Pet waste pollution can be avoided by ensuring waste is picked up routinely and not left out in the elements to eventually contaminate our environment.

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